Story of Anvil Weddings

We have the perfect anvil for our “Anvil Weddings”…60 years ago I went to visit the new mustang that my Grandfather had captured off the mountain. They named her “Star”.. she was a lovely blue roan with a perfect star on her forehead… a little small; but, perfectly put together and feet as hard as a rock. My Grandfather settled in our valley in 1918 and wired almost every early hotel and streetlight in our valley. I grew up on the back of a crane setting streetlight poles all over as our community grew. While I was at his shop, I walked by the metal pile. He always had a scrap metal pile that once a month or so he took to the metal scrap yard to get a few dollars by the pound. Lucky for me I was there on the perfect day…I laid my eyes on such a treasure…a giant piece of metal in the shape of the most beautiful anvil ever! Grandpa, Grandpa please tell me I can have the anvil? He said, “Sure sweetheart, we have started letting all the horses go barefoot and it is just in the way…I hit my shin on it so often I told the men to get it out of the shop!” Lucky me, only now I had to bat my baby brown eyes to get some of the men to help me load it in my truck. SUCCESS… i was able to talk several men into helping…Today I look on my Grandfathers’ anvil and know it is in the perfect place right here in our wedding area. Anvil Weddings go back a very long time. If you say your vows over the anvil, it is to say your love is forged together like two pieces of iron…once married, forever married like two pieces of bonded steel! I love my anvil and remember my Grandfather fondly… 

~ Farmer Sharon   

P.S. please let us know if you’d like to incorporate the anvil into your ceremony/event.