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Wedding of Mr. & Mr. Cho

– I am so happy and grateful to have found The Las Vegas Farm for our wedding venue! The Farm is such an amazing, beautiful and peaceful place and you can tell all the animals there are so calm and happy. What is great is all proceeds go towards the caring and feeding of the animals. Everyone at The Farm worked so hard to make our big day so incredible and magical and it really did show! The peacocks running around and making noise made the whole day so much more special and lively. Best day ever thanks to The Farm!!!

Above photos courtesy of Amber & Co Photography (instagram @amberandcophoto)

Above photos courtesy of Amber & Co Photography (instagram @amberandcophoto)

The Most Unique Wedding Venue in Las Vegas

There is no wedding quite like one at THE FARM. Breakaway from the hustle and bustle around the stereotypical image of Las Vegas and immerse yourself in a historic part of Nevada while surrounding yourself with nature.