The Most Unique Wedding Venue in Las Vegas

Break away from the hustle and bustle on the Las Vegas Strip and come to The Farm for a fully immersive experience.

A Truly Unique Wedding Venue

Our wedding venue is a one of a kind destination in Las Vegas. It allows you and your closest friends and family to have an intimate evening away from all the craziness around The Strip.

Being on THE FARM is an experience unlike any other. The moment you enter the property it feels that you have left Las Vegas and stepped into a mid-century farm.

Our Historic Chapel

The White Peacock Chapel at THE FARM is a historical icon here in Las Vegas. We acquired it from Bonnie Springs Ranch after the ranch was purchased for development. We had a very short time to move the chapel to THE FARM.

We had our dedicated volunteers move the chapel to THE LAS VEGAS FARM. They ensured everything remained the same.

We know that countless others have loving memories of this chapel, and we know that we can continue to create many more wonderful memories here at THE FARM.

The Most Unique Wedding Venue in Las Vegas

There is no wedding quite like one at THE FARM. Breakaway from the hustle and bustle around the stereotypical image of Las Vegas and immerse yourself in a historic part of Nevada while surrounding yourself with nature.


Our Wedding Venue is on the same property as our BARN BUDDIES RESCUE giving you and your guests the experience of a lifetime.


Our wedding venue is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, serene trees, and lively animals with breathtaking evening sunsets along with with charming lighting once the sun goes down.

Reception Areas

We have a multitude of different reception areas throughout the property that are suitable for large gatherings, intimate dinners, children friendly and more. We want to work with you in order to provide you with a premier experience.